ALNuMed - Analytical Laboratory for Nutritional and Medical Products

ALNuMed is a research intensive company that develops sepctroscopy based analytical solutions for quality assurance and control of food and natural products.

Our customers are food industry as well as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and the whole range of natural products processing companies.

Our expertise is the application of magnetic resonance techniques, infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and high performance liquid chromatography.

Our aim is the assurance of quality of industrial and natural products.

We follow the entire production process with complete set of analytical techniques that allow application of high-throughput procedures. We test variety, origin, and production procedures even on the level of end-products.

We offer innovative and highly efficient high tech analytics solutions for

Test for Authenticity

Increase product safety and consumer confidence!

Judge authenticity (e.g., origin, variety, vintage, production protocol), quality (e.g., adherence to concentration limits of ingredients) und security (e.g., indications of food decay, presence of stabilisors) via simultaneous determination of up to 50 parameters combined with ultra-modern uni- and multi-variate data analysis. Increase consumer confidence and actively avoid your involvement in food scandals!

Contract Research

We develop innovative and customer specific solutions for analytics needs.

With our expertise, we amend our product specific know-how for your individual needs. Thus, we open the door to innovative, customer specific solutions. We develop innovations for quality assurance and control - more parameters in less time (15-20 min) and significant cost reduction as compared to conventional analytical methods.

Techniques/ Methods

Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Chromatography
  • NMR - nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (identity, secondary/ tertiary structures of biomolecules)
  • IR - infrared spectroscopy (identityIdentiät,secondary/ tertiary structures of biomolecules, wine analysis)
  • CD - circular dichroism (secondary structures of biomolecules, complex formation, stability)
  • fluorescence (structure, affinity, stability)
  • chromatography, UV/Vis- IR, polarimetry, scattering index, viscosity, pH, water contents etc.

Press / News

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Unbeatable and independent test for authenticity, with our partner FoodQS.

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